With a little help from Supertramp, HP encouraged all of us to reclaim the sense of wonder we had when we were young.

Role: Creative Director, Copywriter   Directed by Lance Acord


Playing mind games with RGIII and Adidas to launch his signature line.

Role: Copywriter   Directed by Sam Brown


During a live two-day event on Youtube, we gave fans of hip-hop producer Clams Casino and rapper Vic Mensa the opportunity to interact directly with the artists as they used the HP Split x2 laptop to write a new track. Because it was live, we shot it with five cameras and had a huge satellite truck in the parking lot. I almost threw up several times. 

The case study above tells the story of how it all went down.

Here's the official music video. We shot it in real-time as the artists where collaborating with their fans. That meant creating all of the visuals on the fly so we could release it the moment the track was complete. XXL Magazine called the whole thing "DOOOOOOPE!"

Role: ACD, Copywriter   Directed by Greg Brunkalla


When HP split in to two separate companies, they asked us to help them define the new brand. Being that they were essentially reinventing the company, we dusted off their old "INVENT" tagline, and came up with "Keep Reinventing" along with an entirely new brand campaign to go along with it.

Role: Creative Director, Copywriter   Directed by Frederic Planchon


When RGIII went down during his breakout rookie season, we used his devastating injury as an opportunity to inspire young athletes to blow up last season and focus on the next one.

Role: Copywriter   Directed by Lance Acord

After it hit the air, the spot quite literally blew up. Even Sportscenter took notice. This case study tells the story of what happened next.


HP gave 18 young influencers total creative control over one of the biggest music videos of the year. As the kids used their new x360 laptops to collaborate on everything from set designs to choreography, we created hundreds of pieces of content to give all their followers a behind the scenes look at the insanity. When it was all said and done, the video had over 350 million views on YouTube.

The TV Spot was designed so that the final shot was also the first shot of the music video. As a result, they worked together seamlessly when it played as preroll before the video at launch.

Role: Creative Director   Director: Philip Andelman

And here is the music video. 350 million views and counting.


We challenged pro big-wave surfer Ian Walsh to use the versatility of the HP x360 laptop and the collective power of the internet to  find a previously undiscovered monster wave. And then we invited the whole world to drop in with him. 

Throughout the summer, Ian gave fans unprecedented access to the search. Ultimately, a giant swell sent us to South Africa. This case study tells the story of the campaign.

The entire adventure was captured in a short documentary shot by famed surf filmmaker Taylor Steele.

Role: Creative Director   Director: Taylor Steele


When it comes to Star Wars, you're either with the light side or the dark side. We challenged fans to awaken a whole new side of the force by making it their own.

Role: Creative Director   Director: Vincent Haycock


At the biggest movie premiere in history, we gave fans the chance to crash the red carpet and serenade their favorite Star Wars characters.


Going in to the mind of director Garth Davis for the launch of Sony 4K TV.

Role: Copywriter   Director: Garth Davis


With the help of renowned artist Jum Nakoa, we turned the script of "Marie Antoinette" in to a dress to launch The Hollywood Costume exhibit for The Academy.

Role: Creative Director


Acura uses lasers to measure every part one million times. We used a million steak knives to bring the insanity of that number to life.

Role: Copywriter   Director: Noam Murro


The faster you are in your Adidas Rush II's, the further you'll take your school in the playoffs.

Role: Copywriter   Director: Christopher Riggert


Nothing means more than holding an Oscar. 


The new Sony Handycam allowed on family on vacation in India to make some new friends. 

Role: Copywriter   Director: Christopher Riggert


Darkness has nothing on you when you have a Sony NEX camera.

Role: Copywriter   Director: Christopher Riggert